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La Crosse explore their passion for cycling.

Connecting people through biking

Working together to build the local bike community.

Biking is more than transportation or exercise, it’s a lifestyle.  With group rides and abundant trails in the La Crosse area there is no lack of entertainment or miles to conquer.  Whether you need help with where to ride or are in need of a bike to pedal, we’re here to help.

All new bikes purchased at Smith’s include free annual Winter Tune-ups, for life.


Immediate Maintenance for Essential Workers

If you work at an essential business, use your bike for commuting, and need a repair, please contact us and we’ll get you in immediately. We are thankful to all of the essential workers out there and we are committed to keeping you rolling.


Bike Shops are Essential Businesses

The Governor declared that bike shops are essential businesses, so we will be staying open. We are continuing to respond appropriately with CDC guidelines and recommendations. We will only allow 10 people in the shop at all times (and yes we are enforcing that everyone who enters use the hand sanitizer next to the door). We are also continuing to provide free delivery and pick-up. Our hours have not changed yet.

Curbside Service and Free Pick-up and Delivery

We are offering curbside pickup as well as free pick-up and delivery. If you would like to stop by to pick up your bike or call in an order, one of our employees will get it ready and meet you outside. For our free pick-up and delivery, you may contact us and we will send someone to your home or work. If you have a bicycle in for repair, you may contact us to make arrangements for free delivery. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Please understand that if we have a full schedule of deliveries, delivery times may vary.

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*Free delivery subject to change as CDC recommendations change.


Ten Person Limit

Per CDC guidelines, we are only allowing 10 people in the shop at a time, which includes employees. We will have a pedestal right inside the door that will let you know how many people are currently in the shop. If there are 10 people in the shop, we will let you in when someone leaves.
Also, everyone will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entering.
Thank you for your understanding.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Our employees continue to clean and disinfect all shared surfaces hourly, including doors, handles, bikes, phones, keyboards, credit card terminals, etc. Employees are also washing their hands upon entering work and at regular intervals throughout the day, including after each bike repair and after handling cash.
Please use caution when entering the shop as we are mopping the floor several times a day and the sealed concrete can be slippery. Caution signs are being placed as a reminder.
Our infant/toddler play area is still removed and will not be available until further guidance is given. We cleaned all surfaces before storing it and will be re-cleaning everything when we put it back out.
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Today, the Governor declared that bike shops are essential businesses, so we will be staying open. We are continuing to respond appropriately with CDC guidelines and recommendations. We will only ... See more

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I took my MTB with impossible Elixir disk brakes into Smiths. I cried such a large pool of tears that Ross installed the brake pads I was unable to put on myself, and in about ten minutes

Eddie HaleFacebook Review | Oct 2

Beautiful shop with FANTASTIC staff. I worked with Erik (owner) and Josh (super nice guy) to find the right bike. I walked in having no idea what I was looking for. I left with a beautiful Trek Neko and confidence knowing I was on the right bike for me.

Jamie BaumannFacebook Review | June 2

As a person new to road biking I was intimidated by all the things I didn't know, but felt I should know. The staff at Smith's made sure I was geared up with the essentials and answered any seemingly ridiculous questions I had.

Mandy DegenhardtFacebook Review | April 15

Yesterday I bought my first Trek at this store and I was very pleased with the service. Terry was very knowledgeable, helpful and he went the extra mile for this customer.

Karina Rosenfeld BoyeaFacebook Review | Aug 23

La Crosse is lucky to have such an amazing Bike Shop. Smith's Bike Shop has always been my "go-to" bike and bike accessory retailer. Eric and his staff are VERY knowledgeable, helpful and friendly; I trust their opinions and suggestions for products.

Jordana Stegemeyer-SnyderFacebook Review | May 19

Awesome shop and great people! Eric helped me find my new ride and it was a great experience. Will be shopping there again.

Jared ShimonFacebook Review | April 12

I knew absolutely nothing about bikes but with the help of the wonderful staff I left with a bike that I believe was the perfect choice for me. Not only did they really listen to what I thought I wanted in a bike but they made recommendations to me with out being pushy.

Heather Bailey WallinFacebook Review - July 30

These guys are amazing, they always take good care of my vintage schwinn and have been great at helping me order the correct parts.

Gayle Sadie Anne PetersenFacebook Review | Jan 21

We've bought many bikes and accessories there over the years. They are always very helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Smith's!

Jill RavenFacebook Review | July 2

The staff is always awesome and friendly. I recently got fitted and it was a great experience with valuable information and tips that I will certainly be applying to future rides. I will continue to bring my business here and I encourage others to do the same. My favorite part of the experience though was being a bystander to watching a father take his daughter shopping for what I'm guessing was her first bike. It was very touching and I hope to have a similar experience wth my future children.

Lloyd McKinneyFacebook Review | Mar 06

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