All Kids Bike

 The All Kids Bike program from the Strider Foundation is getting as many kids on bikes as possible, as early as possible, by teaching them to ride in school. The All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Program boasts an inclusive, proven Learn-To-Ride curriculum that offers every child the opportunity to experience the joy of two wheels. The program places Strider 14x Bikes into PE class. This 2-in-1, balance-to-pedal conversion bike helps riders gain confidence and learn more advanced skills on a balance bike. Then, when children are ready, it easily transforms into a pedal bike with the installation of the Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit.

Erik and Randi are national ambassadors for the program. We launched our first All Kids Bike program at Summit Environmental School in May of 2022 and look forward to launching many more.

Moon Tunes

On Thursday nights during the summer, we provide free bike corral parking at Moon Tunes. This provides supervised front row bicycle parking, to encourage goers to pedal to the concert and avoid car congestion.  We love talking to all of our friends and listening to some great music at the same time.

Beer By Bike Brigade

We enjoy being an active member of BBBB, helping our community, crushing school lunch debt, hosting a ride stop, and participating in all of their events such as the Chili Cook-off and Bake Sale. You may also see us driving around carrying a van load of diapers or food from the latest BBBB fundraiser. To find out more about this crazy little bicycle bar hop and their wonderful events, click here

ORA Trails

Volunteering for ORA Trails is not only great for our community, its great for our souls. Whether we are working on the trails, teaching kids to mountain bike, or cleaning up trash, we know how important they are for all community members. Our Hixon Forest shared-use trails offer a venue to exercise, de-stress, and wander. 

Maple Leaf Races

We love leading out the Maple Leaf races. Sometimes we have to get out the ebikes to keep up with the fast runners.

Quarantine Christmas

Even the 2020 pandemic couldn’t keep us down. We donated bikes to kids who didn’t have them. 

La Crosse Omnium

Turn #4 is Smith’s territory. We protect this corner so the racers can safely speed through it. We may be out there all day, but we love the action and comradery.

Hixon Forest Epic

If we’re not racing, we’re volunteering at the most exciting west side of the state mountain bike race around. We spend the day at our well known Hixon Trails providing support to racers and specters. If you want climbing, we got it.

Rotary Lights Ride

What’s more fun than riding your bike through a sea of Christmas lights with awesome friends while delivering non-perishable food items? Nothing. This is a truly amazing ride.


We partner with Blue Steel Bikes to offer this part scavenger hunt, part food drive, and all bike ride event! No holiday season is complete without Cranksgiving.

Trempealeau Chase

The ladies at Off N Funning know how to put on a scavenger hunt and we like to go along to make sure everyone’s bikes are ready for the challenge.