Make your trip
to La Crosse
memorable for
all the right reasons.

We have the best biking around, from scenic road rides, challenging mountain bike trails, to kid friendly pump tracks and trails. When visiting, please follow these tips to ensure the safety of your bicycle:

  • Bring a good lock to protect your bike. A good luck means a U-lock, folding lock, or chain lock. Please do not lock up your valuable bike with a cable lock.
  • Do not leave your bike on your car rack for extended periods of time. If you have to, lock it to your rack with a good lock (see bullet 1).
  • Do not leave your bike outside at night (even if it is locked to your car). Bring it inside. If you are staying at a hotel, inquire about bringing your bike in. See our list of bike friendly hotels.

Bicycle Friendly Hotels

You SHOULD NOT leave your bike on your car overnight. Because not all of the hotels in La Crosse will ask if you have a bike with you, we want you to know who the bicycle friendly hotels are. We suggest staying at one of these hotels:

Camp Grounds

We have great camping in the La Crosse area, such as:

Bicycle Friendly Dining

Keep your bicycle safe while you fuel up or take a well deserved break. The following establishments have close and visible bicycle racks or allow you to park your bike inside a private area: