Since 1895

Meet Smith’s Bike Shop Family

We are outdoor enthusiasts, community members, cyclists and a family of bike lovers here to help you further your passion for pedaling.

Smith’s Bike Shop opened in 1895 in La Crosse, WI.  In 2002, after just over 100 years in business, Smith’s moved to it’s current location on 7th St.

We love connecting with the biking community and supporting anything to do with bicycles. To put it simply, we love bikes.

Randi PueschnerCo-Owner

Meet The Pueschners

When we’re not at the store, Erik can usually be found up at the Human Powered Trails (HPT) on one of his mountain bikes (unless he’s watching Star Wars). He can also be seen tearing up the pump track, on a long road ride, or on his fat bike in the snow. Randi likes to run errands on her e-bike, go for a road ride, or ride her fat bike through the HPT trails.

Our son, Ethan, commutes by bike and can be found mountain biking from time to time. Our daughter, Rey, is learning to ride a balance bike and loves to play around at the pump track with all of her friends.

The Smith's Team

Our team is a melting pot of personalities and interests but they all share one common thread; helping people get out and ride bicycles.

Erik Pueschner

Head Honcho

Certifications: Trek Guide, Bike Fitter, Trail Building Crew Leader

Types of Riding: Road, Mountain, Winter Fat Biking, Commuting, Gravel, 8-man Navigator, Family Rides, Beer by Bike Brigade

I started riding as a kid, jumping make shift jumps in my front yard. I started racing BMX in 8th grade and continued for 12 years (my poor mother). In 1997, I started working at Smith’s Cycling and Fitness. Shortly after that, I started racing mountain bikes, almost exclusively on a single speed. To get faster at mountain biking, I started riding road bikes and I haven’t stopped since. If I’m not working at the shop, I’m on my bike….I’m basically living the dream of an 8th grader.

Randi Pueschner

The Real Head Honcho, President ORA Trails

Certifications: Trek Guide

Types of Riding: Road, Mountain, Winter Fat Biking, Commuting, Beer by Bike Brigade

I lead bicycle advocacy for the shop as the president of ORA Trails, as a member of the Bike/Pedestrian committee for the city of La Crosse, and as a board member for the Wisconsin Bike Fed. My goal is to help make trails more accessible for all community members, grow the bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure in this area, and help bring in more tourism.

I love to help beginner cyclists find their love for biking, whether it’s leading road bike rides, coaching mountain bike rides, or teaching young kids to ride for the first time. You can often find me around the community manning valet bike corrals for Moon Tunes and Fourth Fridays, raising money for local causes with Beer by Bike Brigade, leading out races, volunteering at local events, and organizing events such as Cranksgiving.

Rey or Rey Rey


Types of Riding: Balance Bike, Pedal Bike, Yuba Cargo Bike Passenger

Daddy, watch this!

Tostin DeYoe

Service Manager

Certifications: Trek Guide, Trek Certified Service Expert Technician, Certified Bosch Technician

Types of Riding: Road, Mountain, Commuting, Winter Fat Biking, Gravel, 8-man Braker, Beer by Bike Brigade

I’ve been riding bikes since I was 5 years old (in my trusty cowboy boots). I really wanted a BMX bike and my parents brought home a used girl’s, blue Schwinn from the old Smith’s Bike Shop. It had flowers on the banana seat and chain guard. After that, I was hooked!

Scot McCollum

Service Writing Manager

Certifications: Trek Guide, Bike Fitter

Types of Riding: Road, Mountain, Commuting, Gravel, Slow Movement, 3-Speed, Beer by Bike Brigade

Mike Blokhuis

Senior Mechanic

Certifications: Trek Guide, Certified Bosch Technician

Types of Riding: Road, Mountain, Winter Fat Tire Biking

I have been mountain bike riding for the past 20+ years, winter fat tire riding for 8+ years and road riding for 3. I enjoy all aspects of being outdoors. Taking in the beauty of the Coulee Region is beyond words.

Once retiring from Law Enforcement, I was fortunate to become a part of the Smith’s family. Working here at Smith’s has opened and enhanced all aspects of my bike riding. Come into Smith’s and let us do the same for you from service, sales and hospitality. We would love to see you!

Neil Moll

Sales and Training Manager

Certifications: Trek Guide

Types of Riding: Commuting, Mountain Biking, and Bikepacking

Jared Gillett

Adventure Guide

Certifications: Trek Guide

Types of Riding: Road, Gravel, Commuting, Triathlon

Funny enough, I grew up by the original Trek over in Waterloo, WI. It just took me twenty years to get into cycling. As I was attending school at UW La Crosse I fell in love with the natural beauty of the region, and biking allowed me to explore all of it. One day I stopped into Smith’s to pick up a new helmet and started chatting with the head honcho himself, and the rest was history from that day.

Terry Juracich

Adventure Guide

Certifications: Trek Guide, Zwift Expert

Types of Riding: Road, Winter Fat Biking, some off-road

I stopped running around 2000 when my knees spoke to me and said, “Stop! You're killing us!” I wanted to continue to exercise and my son suggested I stop at Smith’s and check out a bike. I hadn’t ridden in a number of years but thought, “What the heck.” Everything changed on May 11, 2001 when I stopped and bought a Trek 7500. I was hooked. Within a year I added a 5200 Road Bike, and then a 6000 Mountain bike. Cycling is more than exercise, it is my inner peace to ride for no other reason than to ride for the simple joy of it.

I was so fortunate to start at Smith’s in 2011 after retiring from teaching and could not have found a better place or people to work with. Come into the shop and you will receive the best service and hospitably, like an old friend.

I started doing a little racing a couple of years back, first with the Senior Olympics and last year with WISport. I have been lucky enough to qualify for the National Senor Olympics three times.

Greta Koehler


Certifications: Trek Guide

Types of Riding: Commuting, Freestyle Unicycling, Road Unicycling, Mountain Unicycling

I only bike out of necessity; however, I do unicycle competitively! When I was 6, my family got involved with unicycling by joining the Twin Cities Unicycle Club. I started competing when I was 8 and I have competed in 11 national competitions and 3 international competitions. The sport of unicycling is very DIY and I was always messing around with repairs on my own unicycles as well as my friends’. This love of mechanic work is what got me interested in repairing bikes. In the summer of 2020, I decided I wanted to become a bike mechanic, so I applied to a shop in Minneapolis knowing virtually nothing – apparently, there’s a lot more to working on a bike than a unicycle. I learned a lot at that shop and now I’m here. I am on the track team at UWL, and I use my bike for commuting and cross training.

Edward Hale


Certifications: Trek Guide

Types of Riding: Commuting, Mountain Bike, Scooter, and occasionally BMX

I started ripping on our janky old trailer bike behind pop’s ridged relic from the past on the old scenic loop in HPT. I loved it. Dad always told shop stories and I always dreamed of working at one. Now I do! It’s a blast and I get to help people get out on bikes so that makes me happy.

Katie Schlegel

Adventure Guide

Certifications: Trek Guide, NICA High School Mountain Bike Coach, Fully-Certified Teacher!

Types of Riding: Mountain, Road, Commuting, Fat Biking, Gravel, Beer by Bike Brigade, and Moon-Tuner

I started riding bikes as a kid to get around town with friends, but then I found out how much fun speeding through the woods on two wheels can be! Always having been active in several sports, I fell in love with cycling when I first hit dirt on the Human Powered Trails in 2006. From mountain biking, I started to road bike in order to gain more fitness, and then I got into all types of riding so I could spin all-year long, yes, including in the snow! If I am not on my bike, you will find me either in my classroom, coaching, hiking, or hanging out with family and friends.

Jordan Kemppainen

Adventure Guide

Certifications: Trek Guide, Registered Nurse

Types of Riding: Road, Mountain, Commuting, Gravel, Beer by Bike Brigade

In 2007 I found myself weighing in at 265 pounds and smoking a pack of cigarettes per day for the past 8 years. I wanted to get healthier and it just so happened that my roommate at the time had won a Trek 4300. Shortly after I acquired the bike from him and fell in love with mountain biking, starting with excruciating 5 mile rides. It has since captivated my whole life and keeps me focused on accomplishing my next goal, whatever that may be. Cycling has not only provided me with a much happier, healthier life; but also a group of friends whom I would consider family. My favorite part of working at Smiths is helping people have the best experience that they can have on a bicycle.

Troy Ellis

Adventure Guide

Certifications: Trek Guide

Types of Riding: Road, Mountain, Commuting

Josh Shively

The Legend

Dan Luebke

Bike Builder

Certifications: Trek Guide, Certified Bad @$$

Types of Riding: Winter Fat Biking, Road, Mountain, Commuting, Gravel, Bike Packing

I've been riding bikes since I was a kid, and racing and wrenching since the 90's. I enjoy the solitude and challenge of long-distance rides; as well as the camaraderie and making new friends on local group rides.

“A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke.” ~ Scott Stoll.

Certifications: Trek Ninja

Anna Stindt

Ride Leader

Certifications: Trek Guide, Advanced Practice Social Worker

Types of Riding: Road, Mountain, Family Rides/Trails, BBBB

I started riding after having children to get back in shape. My husband had started riding a few years before me and had encouraged me to start. Biking has changed my life and my family's lives. Because of biking, we have developed new friendships, become more involved in our community, and maintained our health. It's pretty amazing! I strongly encourage women to give it a try. There are so many different types of bikes that lead to different opportunities.

Kathy Allen

Ride Leader

Types of riding: road, mountain, and spin classes (during winter)

Instead of making New Year's resolutions, I set annual cycling goals - they're much more fun!

Tim Wateski

Ride Leader

Jim Morris

Ride Leader

Smith's Values

  • Enjoyable customer experiences
  • Respect the trails and other riders
  • Smiles are free
  • Go the extra mile
  • No stupid questions
  • Always find a solution
  • Community involvement
  • Trail building
  • Local events
  • More than a team
  • Encouragement
  • Have fun

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